For Tight Shoulders

This excellent video shows how to unlock tight shoulders in order to both improve shoulder function and decrease any chronic pain due to tightness.  

Here you will see how to self massage (myofascial release) the pecs and lats using Trigger Point’s new MB5 (5″ ball).  You could also do this same sequence with a lacrosse ball or alpha ball.  All balls are available on Amazon and the lacrosse balls are in local sporting goods stores.

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Cobra Variation for T-Spine

Been spending too much time at the computer or at the wheel of your car?  Let’s strengthen those weak and stretched out upper and mid back muscles.  This back exercise is a really nice variation on the cobra that de-emphasizes the lumbar spine (lower back) and targets the T-spine (mid and upper back).  Roll and stretch the pecs before doing this exercise.  Then do 15 reps x 3 sets.


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On Setting More Powerful Goals

Daily Goal Setting: How to Achieve Success


This terrific article disusses the importance of setting the right goals.  I challenge you to implement just one of these stretegies and see the difference it makes in your life.

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I’ve Met My Matcha

matcha I have found my new drink at Peet’s- a creamy and non jitter-inducing matcha latte.  I order it unsweetened (no simple syrup, thanks) and made with soymilk.

Matcha is a powdered form of specially grown green tea.  Here is what makes it special…

From Wikipedia  “Matcha is basically a form of whole green tea leaves with extra theanine and chlorophyll. Shaded growth produces more theanine and chlorophyll. That’s why matcha is supposedly more effective for improving mental focus with its higher theanine content, looks very green with more chlorophyll and tastes softer without stems and veins. Its theanine in combination with caffeine is supposed to offer energy boost without the typical jitter or crash associated with caffeine in coffee. Matcha is also more effective for ingesting all the content in the leaves because people consume its entirety as dissolved in water, latte, smoothie or other creations. The antioxidant catechins, especially EGCG in green tea leaves, is one of the main reasons that many health-conscious people consume green tea leaves or matcha specifically.”

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Salad in a Jar


Love this idea!  Dressing lines the bottom of a mason jar, then layer with crunchy veggies and proteins, maybe some grains, nuts, seeds, fruits.  Oh, the possiblities are endless.  I’d love to see your best version- please send it over!

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5 Moves to Add to Your Rolling Repetoire


If you’re one of my clients, you already know the benefits of self-myofascial release, using both rollers and balls.  Whether you’re new to rolling or you already incorporate it into your daily fitness regimen, you’re sure to pick up something useful in this short article.

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Caffeine Highs and Lows

What Are the Benefits of Caffeine Withdrawal?

I have always been sensitive to the effects of caffeine.  Even half a cup can be a problem.  I get a nice little burst of energy…followed by anxiety, and a drop in energy and mood.  Some are more sensitive to this drug than others depending, in part, on the enzymes in your body and whether they are fast or slow-burning.  The slower you process caffeine through you system, the longer it stays around and builds up, creating negative side effects.  Have a look at this article…

An excerpt:

“Caffeine and Depression

Low blood-sugar levels can cause feelings of depression. Caffeine works for a few hours to increase energy levels, but afterward, people often experience a caffeine crash. When caffeine is consumed, insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar, is increased. Insulin lowers blood sugar levels, which can cause depression a few hours after you consume caffeine.”

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